1948 Ford Anglia Build Project


This Anglia was purchased bone stock in 1969. With the help of two good friends, John Smith and Dave Wright, I was able to box the frame, install a narrowed 1960 Pontiac rear end with a 1972 350 Chevrolet and four-speed transmission. The car was finally street worthy by 1972. The car was driven until 1988 then parked indefinitely in my garage as raising a family and growing my business began taking precedent of my free time.

Over the years I, once again, found the desire to see the Anglia on the street again. The car was then transported to Tunnel Hill, Georgia to chassis builder and good friend, “Racer” Dave Wright’s shop in 1993. Racer Dave allowed me to keep it in storage until times when we could work on it together. While there the car underwent several modifications including chopping and filling top, angle reduction of windshield pillars, and custom fiberglass fender construction.

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